Secluded lakefront community just an hour outside of Nashville.



Secluded lakefront community just an hour outside of Nashville.

Situated in serene Sumner County, the laidback town of Westmoreland offers a peaceful rustic lifestyle in a beautiful natural setting.

Westmoreland offers an atmosphere of blissful isolation intersected by two major highways. This is the perfect place to escape from the stress of modern life while retaining access to big city amenities, with both Nashville and Murfreesboro about an hour’s drive away.

The centerpiece of this charming community is Lake Westmoreland, providing fantastic opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Lakefront homes are among this rural community’s most sought-after properties.



The shores of Lake Westmoreland are the ideal setting for a custom-built dream home. Expansive empty lots have infinite potential to be transformed into a lakefront home perfectly tailored to your tastes.

The existing homes along the lake are breathtaking and sit upon expansive properties that exude elegance. These homes’ beautiful exteriors are made up of perfect arches and classical columns and are surrounded by beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens. These luxurious properties can be thousands of square feet in size and several stories high.

The space available to Westmoreland’s homes is utilized in every direction, with balconies overlooking open foyers in entranceways featuring twenty-foot-high ceilings. Spacious master suites and generous guest bedrooms lie along delicately designed corridors, with some homes containing six or more bedrooms.


This idyllic rustic setting has a truly Southern sense of neighborliness and community spirit. Life here is laidback and relaxed. Westmoreland’s welcoming community spirit comes to the forefront with family-friendly events held throughout the year.

Lake Westmoreland and its surroundings provide a serene setting to while away a day fishing or boating. There are also parks and green spaces dotted throughout the community, including Dr. Thomas F. Carter Midtown Park, Westmoreland Veterans Memorial, and Mayor Ricky Woodard Community Park.

Westmoreland’s excellent transport links make it the perfect destination for those looking to combine the pleasure of calm rustic living with all the modern amenities offered by bustling Nashville and thriving Murfreesboro. These cities provide a fantastic array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options just an hour’s drive away.


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